Board of Directors


Term Ending 2024:

  • Aurora Austriaco – Chicago, Illinois
  • Margaret DiBianca – Wilmington, Delaware
  • Dana Hrelic – Hartford, Connecticut
  • William D. Johnston – Wilmington, Delaware
  • Keith B. McLennan – Collegeville, Pennsylvania
  • Richard Raleigh – Huntsville, Alabama

Term Ending 2025:

  • Samuel J. Edmunds – Eagan, Minnesota
  • Denise Kraft – Wilmington, Delaware
  • Wesley Horton – Hartford, Connecticut
  • Joy L. Phillips – Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Steven Younger – New York, New Jersey

Term Ending 2026:

  • Livia Barndollar – Westport, Connecticut
  • Vinnie Doyle – Buffalo, NY
  • Gavin Foggo – London, England
  • Linda Klein – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jennifer Parent – Manchester, New Hampshire


Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee considers and passes upon all matters pertaining to the election of members and may make recommendations to the Board of Directors relative to the location of, the number, the method of selection of all members and the termination of the membership of any member and the amount of dues to be paid by any member or members.

  • Andrew Schpak, Chair
  • Richard Raleigh, Vice Chair
  • Aurora Austriaco
  • Barbara Howard
  • Dana Hrelic
  • Linda Klein  
  • Renee Masinter
  • Stephen Younger  

International Committee.

Discusses issues related to the international law, international organizations and legislative systems of other countries.

  • Gavin Foggo, Chair 
  • Brett Harrison, Vice Chair 
  • Bernard Amyot 
  • Linda Klein
  • Gerard McDermott  

Nominations Committee.

Reports at the annual meeting its nominations for President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Board of Directors. 

  • Ashley L. Belleau , Chair
  • Brett Harrison, Vice Chair
  • Wes Horton
  • Denise Kraft
  • Keith B. McLennan 
  • Joy Lambert Phillips
  • Andrew Schpak
  • James Williams

Sponsorship Committee.

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of soliciting sponsorships for the Association and its activities, including the Annual and Mid-Year Meetings.

  • William D. Johnston, Chair.
  • Aurora Austriaco, Vice Chair
  • Howard Daniel
  • James Dorsett
  • Sam Edmunds

Scholarship Committee.

Selects candidates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the awarding of scholarships by the Association to law students who have demonstrated aptitude, achievement, public service, financial need, and commitment to the study of law and the legal profession.

  • Livia Barndollar, Chair
  • Rosemary Giuliano, Vice-Chair  
  • Vincent Doyle
  • Wesley W. Horton 
  • Adrienne Koch
  • Kenny Young  

Endowment Committee.

Generates funds for the support of law-related public service, and scholarships by building and sponsoring programs for the legal profession that encourage charitable giving.

  • Stanley J. Cohn, Chair
  • Tom Bolt

Communications Committee.

Responsible for all print, and electronic media, establishes standards for the publications, publicizes programs and initiatives, oversees website content, and maximizes the use of ACA resources for media and public relations.

  • Steve Younger, Chair
  • Paul Masinter, Vice Chair
  • Peggy Clarie
  • Molly DiBianca
  • James Low
  • Jennifer Parent
  • Jackson Smith

Bylaws Review Committee

Conducts a continuous review and analysis of the ACA Bylaws and recommends and presents to the Officers and Board any such changes by amendment, addition, or deletion, as it is deemed necessary and desirable.

  • Ashley Belleau, Convener/Facilitator
  • Mac Greaves
  • William D. Johnston
  • Keith B. McLennan
  • Frank X. Neuner, Jr.
  • Joy Lambert Phillips

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Steve Younger, Chair
  • Denise Kraft
  • Joy Lambert Phillips
  • Andrew Schpak

Past Presidents

HON. JESSEE E. MILLER/1933-1935 Des Moines, Iowa

ERNEST WOODWARD, ESQ./1935-1937 Louisville, Kentucky

DANIEL DAY WALTON, ESQ./1937-1938 New York, New York

JULIUS C. SMITH, ESQ./1938-1940 Greensboro, North Carolina

MAURICE H. WINGER, ESQ./1943 Kansas City, Missouri

OLIVER O. HAGA, ESQ./1942 Boise, Idaho

MAURICE H. WINGER, ESQ./1943 Kansas City, Missouri

JOHN H. SKEEN, ESQ./1943-1947 Baltimore, Maryland

MARTIN J. DINKELSPIEL, ESQ./1947-1948 San Francisco, California

JAMES R. MORFORD, ESQ./1948-1950 Wilmington, Delaware

FRED A. WRIGHT, ESQ./1950-1952 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

EDWARD L. WRIGHT, ESQ./1952-1953 Little Rock, Arkansas

W. WALLACE FRY, ESQ./1953 Mexico, Missouri

O.A. FOUNTAIN, ESQ./1953-1955 Dallas, Texas

JOHN H. SKEEN, JR., ESQ./1955-1957 Baltimore, Maryland

W.W. GIBSON, ESQ./1957-1959 Amarillo, Texas

EDWARD W. STITT, JR., ESQ./1959-1961 New York, New York

FIELDEN WOODWARD, ESQ./1961-1962 Louisville, Kentucky

J. LANCE LAZONBY, ESQ./1962-1963 Gainesville, Florida

DAVID C. PENCE, ESQ./1963-1964 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

HARRY W. COLMERY, ESQ./1964-1965 Topeka, Kansas

J.R. WELLS, ESQ./1965-1966 Orlando, Florida

WILLIAM H. NEIMAN, ESQ./1966-1967 Cincinnati, Ohio

J. BOONE WILSON, ESQ./1967-1968 Burlington, Vermont

RALPH D. CHURCHILL, ESQ./1968-1969 Dallas, Texas

GEORGE L. CATLIN, ESQ./1969-1970 Los Angeles, California

BEVERLY C. MOORE, ESQ./1970-1971 Greensboro, North Carolina

EDWARD E. MURANE, ESQ./1971-1972 Casper, Wyoming

FRANK F. JESTRAB, ESQ./1972-1973 Williston, North Dakota

JOHN H. HENDREN, ESQ./1973-1974 Jefferson City, Missouri

JOHN C. DEACON, ESQ./1974-1975 Jonesboro, Arkansas

THOMAS H. ADAMS, ESQ./1975-1976 Detroit, Michigan

WALTER P. ARMSTRONG, JR., ESQ./1976-1977 Memphis, Tennessee

EGBERT L. HAYWOOD, ESQ./1977-1978 Durham, North Carolina

J. GERALD NILLES, ESQ./1978-1979 Fargo, North Dakota

BOBBY D. DYESS, ESQ./1979-1980 Dallas, Texas

BRUCE W. BELDING, ESQ./1980-1981 Sausalito, California

FRANK P. DOHENY, ESQ./1981-1982 Louisville, Kentucky

ANDREW L. WEIL, ESQ./1982-1983 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

J. REX FARRIOR, JR., ESQ./1983-1984 Tampa, Florida

AUGUSTINE T. SMYTHE, ESQ./1984-1985 Charleston, South Carolina

RUTLEDGE C. CLEMENT, JR., ESQ./1985-1986 New Orleans, Louisiana

LOWELL H. JACOBSON, ESQ./1986-1987 Chicago, Illinois

BRUCE C. RAMSEY, ESQ./1987-1988 Boston, Massachusetts

ROGER L. TONER, ESQ./1988-1989 Roseland, New Jersey

STANLEY M. FISHER, ESQ./1989-1990 Pepper Pike, Ohio

HENRY A. MITCHELL, ESQ./1990-1991 Raleigh, North Carolina

RICHARD S. RIVITZ, ESQ./1991-1992 Cleveland, Ohio

GEORGE GABEL, JR., ESQ./1992-1993 Jacksonville, Florida

GEORGE L.T. KERR, ESQ./1993-1994 Honolulu, Hawaii

DAVID L. FOSTER, ESQ./1994-1995 New York, New York

KEVIN E. GRADY, ESQ./1995-1996 Atlanta, Georgia

RANDALL D. NOEL, ESQ./1996-1997 Memphis, Tennessee

STANLEY J. COHN, ESQ./1997-1998 New Orleans, Louisiana

TIMOTHY G. BURNS, ESQ./1998-1999 Scottsdale, Arizona

MAC B. GREAVES, ESQ./1999-2000 Birmingham, Alabama

CRAIG ANDERSON, ESQ./2000-2001 Chicago, Illinois

FRANCIS J. MENTON, JR., ESQ./2001-2002 New York, New York

PAMELA A. BRESNAHAN/2002-2003 Washington, DC

GERARD MCDERMOTT, Q.C./2003-2004 Manchester, England

BARBARA J. HOWARD/2004-2005 Cincinnati, Ohio

JAMES K. DORSETT, III, ESQ./2005-2006 Raleigh, North Carolina

TOM BOLT, ESQ./2006-2007 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

DOUGLAS L. MCCOY, ESQ./2007-2008 Mobile, Alabama

WESLEY W. HORTON, ESQ./2008-2009 Hartford, Connecticut

RICHARD T. CASSIDY, ESQ./2009-2010 Burlington, Vermont

BERNARD AMYOT, ESQ./2010-2011 Montreal, Quebec

SUZANNE E. GILBERT, ESQ./2011-2012 Orlando, Florida

TIM BERTSCHY, ESQ./2012-2013 Peoria, Illinois

LIVIA BARNDOLLAR, ESQ./2013-2014 Westport, Connecticut

GAVIN FOGGO, ESQ./2014-2015 London, England

FRANKLIN H. PERRY, ESQ./2015-2016 Dallas, Texas

CHARLES E. ENGLISH,. JR.,/ 2016-2017 Bowling Green, Kentucky

KEITH B. McLENNAN/2017-2018 Collegeville, Pennsylvania

WILLIAM D. JOHNSTON/2018-2019 Wilmington, Delaware

FRANK X. NEUNER, JR/2019-2020 Lafayette, Louisiana

BRETT G. HARRISON/2021-2022 Toronto, Ontario

ASHLEY L. BELLEAU/2022-2023  New Orleans, Louisiana