Choosing a law firm or more specifically a legal team, could be very challenging. Usually the questions that arise in someone’s mind, is how reliable, how experienced, what’s their reputation, and more importantly, how trustworthy is that team. Miller Turetsky Rule & McLennan is a firm of 5 attorneys that combine all these qualities, not mentioning the great office staff they employ. It is great to know that you can meet with a team that will ease your concerns, address your issues and leave their office, confident that you are in good hands. It is from experience that I relate that to you. I use the firm for both my personal affairs and for my business. Keith McLennan Esq. and his team, particularly Michelle Calkins, Mr. McLennan’s paralegal, who recently received her 20 yr. award certificate of great service to this firm, took charge of dissolution of an old partnership, and restructuring a new medical Limited liability corp. Words come short of expressing the superb job they have done. The firm specializes in all forms of legal aspects, and it is with great confidence that I recommend this law firm to anyone who is seeking legal consultation and assistance.